Princess Di’s brother Reveals Extreme Concern About What Is Really Happening With Kate Middleton

Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, has voiced deep concern over the swirling conspiracy theories surrounding Kate Middleton’s recent absence from royal duties following her “planned abdominal surgery.” In an interview with BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Spencer expressed worries about the truth being obscured amidst rampant speculation.


Middleton, the wife of Spencer’s nephew Prince William, has faced intense scrutiny and rumors since taking a hiatus from her royal obligations in January. Speculation reached a peak when a blurry photo purportedly showing Middleton surfaced, leading to speculation about potential image manipulation.

Further fueling conjecture, Middleton shared an “altered” photo of herself and her three children on March 10, triggering heightened concerns about her well-being. Although Kensington Palace clarified that Middleton would not resume public appearances until after Easter, public anxiety has continued to mount.


Even late-night television host John Oliver humorously speculated about Middleton’s absence, suggesting she might have “died” and the palace was attempting to conceal the truth.

Spencer drew parallels between the current online speculation and the media frenzy surrounding Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997. He highlighted the danger posed by unchecked speculation, reflecting on how Diana’s demise prompted a reevaluation of paparazzi conduct.

While neither Kensington Palace nor Middleton has directly addressed the swirling theories, a recent report hinted at Middleton potentially addressing concerns about her health upon her return to public engagements after March 31. A royal source suggested that Middleton may choose to discuss her recovery during public appearances, emphasizing that she and Prince William are most candid when interacting with the public.

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The insider noted that any decision to address the speculation would be solely at Middleton’s discretion, emphasizing that they would only speak out when they feel prepared.

In the midst of rampant speculation, Spencer’s remarks underscore the dangers of unchecked conjecture and the importance of transparency from public figures. As concerns about Middleton’s well-being persist, the public eagerly awaits her potential return to public life and any clarification she may provide regarding her recent absence.

To hear more about Spencer’s growing concerns surrounding Princess Kate’s whereabouts, watch the video below.

What are your thoughts on the intense speculation surrounding Kate Middleton’s absence and how the royal family addresses public concerns?