Priscilla Presley: “Don’t plan my funeral just yet

Elvis Presley, known as “The King,” was married to Priscilla Presley until their divorce in 1973. The 76-year-old actress and businesswoman, however, has recently had to deny health-related rumors.

After the rock star’s passing in 1977 and the subsequent passing of his father Vernon, Priscilla assumed leadership of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE), which was in charge of transforming Graceland, the star’s former homes, into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US.

The celebrity, who has had a great acting career as well, appears to have avoided numerous rumors over the course of her career. Some of the most dramatic include the fact that she is battling memory loss and that major illnesses like skin cancer are wreaking havoc on her health.

In 2019, RadarOnline and the Enquirer alleged that the celebrity was arranging her own burial after learning she had skin cancer.

Because she “still believes of herself as Elvis’s widow and her appropriate resting place is next to him,” the tabloids went a step further, claiming that Priscilla had “secretly sought out to Graceland’s trustees about being buried there.”

Priscilla spoke out after the piece was published and cautioned readers not to “trust everything you read.”

Don’t start planning my funeral just yet; I’m in really good health, the celebrity said, though she didn’t officially confirm or deny that she had been given a skin cancer diagnosis. Never intended to rest alongside Elvis. What will they think of next?

More recently, in February 2020, rumors raised new concerns over the star’s health, this time claiming that a source close to Elvis Presley’s ex-wife was “worried” about the actress.

The tipster claimed that Priscilla had truly started to “slow down,” again citing RadarOnline.

Additionally, rumors about her “forgetting a lot lately” and “drifting off” in the middle of sentences increased.

Unimpressed, Priscilla once more used social media to refute these allegations.

She wrote on Facebook and Twitter that she was still alive and that she had a memory. “As I have indicated before, I am in extremely good condition.

“Don’t submerge me just yet… In this lifetime, I have too much to accomplish. I don’t know where these strange articles are coming from.

Instead of denying the rumors, Priscilla used the occasion to advertise a forthcoming event at Graceland. She finished the message by jokingly saying, “I’m looking forward to seeing you,” and urging as many people as possible to come.

Priscilla seemed to be in wonderful health despite different rumors. As part of his ongoing efforts to preserve Elvis’ legacy, the celebrity is even featured in the upcoming Agent King Netflix series.

The celebrity hasn’t made any specific comments on how she stays healthy, but she has stated in the past how much she cherishes her family and makes an effort to spend as much time with them as possible.

The actress admitted that she detested getting older since it meant she wouldn’t be able to watch her twin grandkids grow up in a 2016 interview with The Guardian.

Oh, I detest getting older, she remarked. Anyone who claims differently is lying to you. Who actually wants to get old and pass away? It would be wonderful to watch my twin grandkids grow up and see who they turn out to be, but there’s a chance that won’t happen, and that’s really upsetting.

Many people detest becoming older since it can be a worrying period, much like Priscilla. Many people begin to feel changes in their cardiovascular system, joints, bones, and muscles, memory, and digestive system, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The World Health Organization concurs, stating that the following are the most typical health issues that affect older people:

loss of hearing
back ache
a sore neck
Diabetes \sDepression
pulmonary illness with chronic obstruction.
Geriatric syndromes, which are the term used to describe a number of complex health conditions that appear as people age, are the result of several underlying causes.

However, there are strategies to try to maintain in top form for as long as possible, so there is still hope for individuals who are getting older. The NHS places a lot of emphasis on food and exercise.

According to the health organization, people should try to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. It is preferable to do this in daily activity bursts of at least ten minutes. The following are some examples of moderate-intensity aerobic exercises that anyone can try:

moving swiftly
Aquatic exercise
cycling over flat or gently sloping terrain
tennis doubles game
using a lawnmower to push.