Real-Life Barbie Shows Off Her Latest Transformation

Jessica Alves indulged in a pampering day on Monday in London, starting with a visit to the salon and ending with Botox injections. The 40-year-old former Celebrity Big Brother star wore a plunging lace dress that showcased her dramatic transformation as she left Retro Hair.

Real-Life Barbie Shows Off Her Latest Transformation

Jessica added extra-long blonde extensions, with her hair now reaching past her waist. She strutted confidently outside the salon in her figure-hugging dress, complemented by matching lace gloves and towering heels. The reality star, known for undergoing over 100 procedures and spending over £1 million on cosmetic surgery, later headed to get her Botox and hyaluronic acid topped up, documenting the procedure on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Jessica traveled to Turkey for a £15,000 face, lip, and neck lift. She told MailOnline, “I spend £10,000 a month on face and body procedures to delay my natural aging process. I find myself at different clinics in London every week for the latest therapies to improve my skin and reverse aging. However, these procedures aren’t permanent.”

Jessica recently revealed she had been offered a six-figure contract for a TV show in the US, which required her to delete her OnlyFans account. She relocated to the US to pursue a career there, receiving positive feedback. However, she claimed to be in “limbo” as TV executives wanted her to stop selling racy photos on the adults-only site.

“They love me in the USA, and I’ve been offered a contract to move there for 15 months and host an evening chat show,” Jessica told MailOnline. The contract would involve handing over her Instagram account and deleting her OnlyFans. “It’s putting me in a limbo as my OnlyFans is where I get to chat with real fans and express my femininity with sexy snaps and videos,” she explained.

Jessica, who gained media prominence as the Human Ken Doll before transitioning into a woman, still cherishes her US fan base. However, she is hesitant to make the big move, preferring to focus on being happy and catching up on lost time.

“As much as I love the USA and my fan base there, it would be like starting my life all over again,” she said. “I’ve made a successful TV career worldwide with 750 shows in 24 countries. I speak five languages fluently and have appeared on almost all TV channels in Europe. But at this stage in my life, soon to turn 41, my ambition is to be happy, have fun, and catch up on lost time as my real life started too late.”

Jessica revealed she was set to appear on a Loose Women-esque chat show for NBC, having previously appeared on Spanish language series. “I have been offered a contract with NBC to host my own woman’s chat show. The format is similar to Loose Women in the UK, where I’m the host,” she shared. The show will be in both English and Spanish to cater to the significant Spanish-speaking population in the US.

Jessica has showcased her curves and indulged in pampering during her time in Los Angeles. She was a guest on Spanish talk shows La Mesa Caliente and Hoy Dia, where she promoted her comic books and received high ratings.

With a successful international TV career and a strong fan base, Jessica Alves continues to make headlines with her beauty routines, career pursuits, and personal transformations.