Remember Dan Blocker From ‘Bonanza‘? 61-Year Old Actor-Son Is Basically His Father’s Clone

Dirk Blocker of the hit television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks exactly like his father, Dan Blocker. Dan, also an actor, was known for his role in the TV classic, ‘Bonanza.’ The connection between Dirk and his father is more than just a physical level.

Dan was born in Texas and enlisted in the military to serve his country in 1951. Dan was honorably discharged from the military, but not before earning a purple heart for the injuries he sustained in battle.

Following his time in the military, Dan began his acting career on The Three Stooges. His big break came in 1959 when he landed the Bonanza role.

Eric Cartwright, more affectionately known as ‘Hoss’, was the character Dan Blocker brought to life. Hoss was a tender-hearted being who was a little shy and gullible. He also had a soft spot for children.

The character was a hit with younger Americans. Dan says his inspiration came from reading words from Stephen Callet. Callet’s instructions were to show kindness to everyone you encounter because you only get one life on earth.

Dan played the role of Hoss for thirteen years before a pulmonary embolism claimed his life in 1972. He was 43 years of age.

Dolphin Parker Blocker was Dan’s wife from 1952 until he died 20 years later. The couple was blessed with two sons and two daughters through their union. Both sons, David and Dirk, followed their father into Hollywood.

David works as a producer while Dirk chose to be in front of the camera. Dirk has spent most of his career in television series including his present role as Detective Hitchcock.

Dirk’s character provides comic relief to the other characters on the show and fans have fallen in love with his sense of humor.

Dirk has also appeared in other well-known television shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and Beverly Hills 90210.

The similarity in appearances between Dirk and his father has caused unsuspecting viewers to do a double take on many occasions.

Dirk is now the father of two children of his own and a replica of his late father

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