Rest In Peace, Fitness influencer dies at Age 33

Fitness Influencer Dies Of Cardiac Arrest At Age 33

Larissa Borges was a fitness influencer with over 30,000 followers on Instagram. She posted about her travels and her active lifestyle. Now, her family is sharing the sad news that she passed away on August 28, 2023. She was only 33 years old.

On August 28, her family shared the tragic news on Instagram, including a picture of Borges and a heartfelt tribute that explained what led up to her death.

According to a Google translate translation from Portuguese to English, the statement from her family reads, “It is with deep sadness that we report the death of our beloved Larissa Borges.”

Then, the statement explains why Borges died. “Larissa suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday, the 20th, in Gramado-RS and fought bravely in a coma for a week.” Unfortunately, her circumstances just got worse. According to the statement, the day she died, she “faced a new cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, did not resist.” Apparently, a double cardiac arrest was too much for her body to recover from.

Obviously, losing a loved one at such a young age is hard for any family, and Borges’ family is no exception. They described her loss as “overwhelming.” They added, “Our hearts are broken, and the longing we will feel is indescribable.”

The statement also included praise for Borges personality and hard work. Her family explained, “Her presence illuminated any environment, and her contagious energy was missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.” They added, “In addition to her charming personality, Larissa was also a dedicated and hardworking person.”

Her family added that Borges “battled tirelessly for her life, facing all the obstacles that a determined, warrior woman does: Without complaining.”

According to the Brazilian news outlet G1, Civil Police in Gramado will be investigating Borges’ death after the results of the autopsy. Delegate Gustavo Barcellos explained that it’s possible that the autopsy could reveal alcohol and narcotic substances in Borges’ body. He explained, “Let’s try to look through laboratory tests for substances that she possibly consumed.”

Rest in peace.