Rod Stewarts Shocked By Divorce News

Rod Stewart’s son Sean Stewart is filing for divorce after only one year of marriage to Jody Weintraub. She is the daughter of the late movie producer Jerry Weintraub. The couple eloped to Las Vegas back in February 2023 hours after their engagement. It is reported they have silently separated months ago.

Back in November, he posted a Thanksgiving message and there are pictures of Jody included in his post.

Sean is now dating Julia Stambler, ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. The two have been spotted on dates around Malibu.The two have been friends since her teenage years. Julia is 32 years old.

Sean took to Instagram, after the couple spent the Fourth of July together and there is a photo of the blond beauty. Stambler, who used to be a nanny for Charlie Sheen’s twins, has expressed her desire to have children some day.

Sean Stewart is an American musician, reality television personality, and entrepreneur. He is the son of the legendary British rock singer Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart, a model and actress. Growing up in the spotlight due to his father’s fame, Sean experienced a unique childhood filled with both opportunities and challenges.

Sean first gained public attention through his appearances on reality television. He starred in the 2007 reality TV show “Sons of Hollywood,” which chronicled the lives of him and his friends, Randy Spelling (son of TV producer Aaron Spelling) and David Weintraub (a talent manager). Sean’s was open about his struggles with substance abuse and his efforts towards recovery.

Music has always been a significant part of Sean’s life.He has pursued his own path in the music industry. He has shown an interest in fashion, launching a clothing line called “Dirty Weekend” in 2015. The brand reflects his personal style and provides a casual, edgy clothing for younger people.