Sad Katharine McPhee News

Until recently, Katharine McPhee has been on tour in Asia with her husband David Foster on the David Foster & Friends Asia Tour 2023. On August 1st, McPhee excitedly shared the news that she was heading to Singapore “for the first time.” Unfortunately, now, McPhee is sharing that she will not be performing at the final two shows on the tour.

In a note shared to Instagram yesterday, McPhee specifically spoke to her fans in Jakarta to tell them the bad news that she would be leaving the tour early due to “a horrible tragedy in our family.” McPhee wrote, “Dearest Jakarta fans, It’s with a heavy heart I announce I will have to miss our final 2 shows of our Asia run. David and I have had a horrible tragedy in our family and at least one of us needs to get back home to our family.”

McPhee finished the statement by apologizing for missing the final shows on the tour and staying optimistic that she will have another opportunity to perform in Jakarta someday.

McPhee was pretty vague about what exactly has happened in her family that she’s dropping the tour and immediately heading home. It sounds like Foster will continue with the tour as originally planned.

McPhee and Foster share one child together, a son named Rennie David who is 2 years old. It is not known if he went on tour with his parents or not.

Both Foster and McFee previously shared that their son seems to have a natural interest and ability when it comes to music and specifically the drums. McFee told Entertainment Tonight that her son is “certainly obsessed with the drums! Or imaginary drums, for that matter.”

Foster explained to PEOPLE that they’re not jumping to conclusions about what their son will grow up to do just yet. He said, “Kids, strangely, will do something for a while and then it’ll amaze you and then they just drop it and they don’t do it anymore. So we don’t know if the drumming thing is here to stay — I’d rather he have a tennis racket in his hand than a drumstick to tell you the truth. But anyway, if he ends up being a drummer, that would be great too. He loves watching our drummer, JR Robinson.”

Hopefully whatever tragedy has occurred does not involve their son.