Sad Madonna News

Madonna has been gearing up for a new tour titled Celebration World Tour which was set to begin in July 2023. Now, the tour is on hold, and there is not yet an announcement about when shows will be rescheduled, or if some shows will be canceled.

On June 28, 2023, Guy Oseary, Madonna’s talent manager and producer, took to Instagram to announce that the tour would not go as originally planned. He wrote, “At this time we need to pause all commitments, which includes the tour.”

Why is the tour on hold? It’s due to a medical emergency Madonna experienced. Oseary wrote, “On Saturday June 24, Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection which led to a several day stay in the ICU.” Thankfully, it seems that Madonna is on the road to recovery. Oseary added, “Her health is improving, however she is still under medical care. A full recovery is expected.”

Will she recover in time to go on tour without too much of a delay? That is yet to be seen. Oseary wrote, “We will share more details with you as soon as we have them, including a new start date for the tour and for rescheduled shows.”

Just days before being hospitalized, Madonna shared photos of herself preparing for the tour. She posted a series of photos on Instagram including pictures where she is on stage. She captioned the post, “The Calm Before The Storm……….”

This isn’t the first time Madonna has been forced to cancel or postpone shows due to a hospital stay. Back in 2020, she was injured during her Madame X tour and ended up needing hip surgery because of it. She ended up having to cancel several shows.

Madonna opened up about her health during a 2021 special titled “Madame X Presents: Madame Xtra Q&A.” At the time, she explained, “I used to be, like, a fitness/workout maniac.” She may not be able to workout as hard as she once did, but she’s not letting that slow her down. She continued, “So, how do I stay in shape? It’s all in your head… It’s called will, it’s called no one’s gonna stop me, and how I stay in shape is no one’s gonna stop me. And how I stay in shape is I don’t believe in limitations.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Madonna’s recent health scare and her upcoming tour.

Do you think Madonna will make a full recovery? How long do you think her tour will be on hold?