Sad news about “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson

People who are getting older naturally have uncomfortable conversations about what will happen once they pass away. Phil Robertson, the star of Duck Dynasty, is no different.

It can be difficult to comprehend, but Phil Robertson is currently 75 years old. Since his 1946 birth, the reality television star has come a long way. His upbringing was difficult; they didn’t have a bathtub, toilet, or electricity. But Robertson has since experienced the dawn of television and the technological age. And he has generated a respectable living doing it.

However, even the best among us are aware of their position in the queue. Phil Robertson may yet have a very long time to live. He still talks about what to do with his body after his unavoidable death, though. Robertson didn’t avoid the subject. On the contrary, he spoke openly about it in his most recent Unashamed podcast episode.

Yes, take me when I die Jase, Robertson says in a direct message to his son who was also listening to the program. When I pass away, please take me to a local embalmer. I’m your father.

“What is a country?” Jase responds with hilarity.

Phil confirms, “Embalmer.” I’ll get him in there, said some guy in a hut in the midst of the woods.

“Would you prefer for us to, say, scatter your ashes?” Asks Jase.

Keep the show understated, advises the Duck Dynasty star. Just emphasize the departure, not the going away. Old Phil was lost because he passed away.

That provided Jase with a portion of the solution he was seeking. We’re becoming a little morbid around here, he said his father in response.

It turns out that the mentality of 75-year-old Phil Robertson and 55-year-old Phil Robertson are very different. The die-hard outdoorsman won’t be satisfied with a normal casket and gravestone. On the most recent episode of Unashamed, his son Jase revealed that if his father had passed away 20 years earlier, he would have had a very different wish for his family.

Jase remarks, “Well, he has grown considerably in his religion. “Because during a chat we had approximately 20 years ago, Dad said, “Look, don’t bury me in a cemetery. Construct a box. Make it, not purchase it, he said. He said, “Put me in it.” Then just chuck me out on the nearest curb or whatever.” I remarked, “Phil, I believe that is unlawful.”