Sad news about the beloved actor Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges updated his followers on his health after receiving a lymphoma diagnosis and has now announced that his tumor has reduced. The well-liked Hollywood veteran is currently acting in The Old Man, a new TV show.

The veteran actor was still filming his new TV series when he received a lymphoma diagnosis.

He received the news as filming was put on stop owing to the epidemic, which prompted a two-year “health adventure,” in his words.

Bridges reveal exclusively to Sky News: “I had cancer, chemo, and COVID on top of that. And because the chemotherapy destroyed my immune system, I developed COVID very badly.

I was ill for approximately two years, and you know, it was extremely surreal.

The popular actor, whose credits include The Big Lebowski, True Grit, Crazy Heart, and the Tron movies, claims that despite spending months in the hospital, he made an effort to find the positive aspects of his circumstances.

Not everything about being sick was unpleasant, he adds. “There were lovely elements about being so sick that were kind of unexpected, you know, feeling all that love pouring towards me from my family and friends and from other people all around the world.”

That was an unexpectedly amazing experience, and it also kind of triggered a feeling of love in me.

“I replied, ‘Oh yeah, this is life, this is fantastic,’ and during that period everything kind of got hyper-precious.”

Bridges gave followers encouraging news about his cancer in January 2021, stating that his tumor had “dramatically decreased.”

He claims that after he recovered, going back to work made his stay in the hospital seem like a fever dream.

“My health adventure started when we took a break due to the epidemic and took some time off.

Then, two years later, I returned to work and it was the strangest feeling ever. It was as if we had a long weekend, and I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about this dream I had in which I was ill, in the hospital, and other similar surreal circumstances.

But I’m happy to be here and back on my feet.

The Oscar-winning actor, 72, claims that he is currently feeling wonderful and is happy to be promoting his program because it is the first time since he was a child that he has had a recurrent role on television.

“I could tell from his experience what a tough job it was and how he was concerned that, it was difficult in that you felt you didn’t have enough time to really give it its best shot – the story and your performance and so forth – and I was a little bit concerned about that,” he says. “My father, Lloyd Bridges, had done many TV series. “I believe that’s what prevented me from working on television.

But now that so much high-quality content is being produced for television and there is so much of it available, I realized that I should try something new.

Bridges claims that after meeting with the series’ producers, including John Steinberg, the creator of The Old Man, he received a guarantee that only the greatest programmers would be chosen to work on it.

It was ultimately “no different than making a movie,” he claims.

The series follows the life of a former CIA agent who is on the run and is jam-packed with action scenes, according to Bridges, who claims he has never worked on as many.

Despite the fact that the program is titled The Old Man, the lead character doesn’t fit the mold of an elderly person, even though the cast readily recognizes that he has his faults.

He claims that being out of touch with all the TikTok-ing and streaming, Facebook, and phones “makes me feel old.”

I’m kind of behind on that stuff since I don’t do any of that, you know. And let me tell you, it’s moving quite quickly.