Sad news about the beloved actress Mia Farrow

In response to the revived interest in her family as a result of the HBO documentary Allen v. Farrow, Mia Farrow released a heartfelt post on Twitter in which she detailed the passing of three of her 14 children and referred to their deaths as “unutterable tragedies.”

While the allegations that Woody Allen, Dylan Farrow’s adoptive father, sexually assaulted her when she was 7 years old are at the center of the four-part series, some viewers have chosen to focus on the lives of Farrow’s other children rather than on the allegations that Farrow has made against Allen.

Mia addressed the deaths of her daughters Tam and Lark, as well as her son Thaddeus, in the statement that she released in reaction to “vicious rumors founded on untruths.” Her children’s passings were omitted from the documentary.

According to what was written by Farrow, “Few families are flawless, and every parent who has endured the death of a child knows that suffering is relentless and ceaseless.” “However, some cruel falsehoods based on untruths have been spread about the lives of three of my children on the internet,” the mother explained. I am publishing this message in their memory, in honor of their children, and in honor of every other family that has had to deal with the loss of a child.

In her statement, Farrow referred to Lark as “an incredible lady” and a “great daughter, sister, partner, and mother to her own children.” Lark passed away in 2008 at the age of 35 due to problems associated to HIV/AIDS. Farrow hailed Lark as “an extraordinary woman.” “Despite the severity of her condition, she managed to have a full and happy life with her children and her spouse of many years. She finally gave in to her illness and passed away unexpectedly in the hospital on Christmas, as her partner was holding her.

She stated in her writing that Tam had passed tragically at the age of 17 “after an accidental medicine overdose connected to the excruciating headaches she endured, and her heart disease.”

Moses Farrow, who was adopted as a toddler by Mia and co-adopted by Woody Allen in 1991, wrote a blog post in 2018 in which he doubted the cause of Tam’s death in 2000 and stated that it was a suicide. Farrow was co-adopted by Allen in 1991.

In the blog that Moses kept, he also made accusations that Farrow had abused his brother Thaddeus. According to the findings of Allen v. Farrow, nine of Mia’s other children have contested the validity of this claim. Moses did not agree to participate in the interview for the documentary.

Thaddeus was 29 when he died in 2016. In the statement, Mia referred to her son as “courageous” and said that he was “happily living with his girlfriend” before to the unexpected breakup of their relationship. “He committed suicide,” she stated in the letter.