Sad news about Willie Nelson

Through the shocking revelation in his memoir, Willie Nelson reignited the concerns that both his family and his fans had been feeling.

Fans were able to get their hands on Nelson’s long-awaited new autobiography, “Me and Paul: Untold Stories of a Fabled Friendship, the 89-year-old On the Road Again,” which was published this month.

It is said that the book made Paul English famous forever, much in the same way that his song “Me and Paul” did. In the song, Paul English remembered his right-hand guy, who also functioned as his accountant, bodyguard, and drummer. The book accomplished the same thing.

In addition to discussing their seven decades of friendship, Nelson made a confession about his past attempt at suicide in the biography, which caused a lot of people to be concerned.

While he was in a bar, the vocalist of “Seven Spanish Angels” allegedly recounted a time when he was “feeling so horrible until he laid his head on some lonesome railroad line and let it relieve his troubled mind.” As a result, he allegedly made an attempt to take his own life.

Reportedly, after fifteen minutes, the country singer went back inside the pub to partake of further alcoholic beverages. Patsy Cline’s recording of his song in 1961 was the turning point that helped him find his position in the music industry. He had successfully made it through the difficult period.

An anonymous source revealed to Radar Online that Nelson believed he had to put in a lot of effort because he was afraid that everything he had worked for could be lost in the end. However, instead of taking his own life, the legendary musician apparently wants to pass away on stage while singing, which is what he enjoys doing the most.

Willie Nelson Has No Intention Of Leaving the Music Business.
In a statement that echoed what the insider had claimed, Nelson confirmed that he had no plans to ever retire. It is something that the singer would rather not contemplate at this time in his life.

In a conversation with Parade, he stated that he did not want to feel anxious about the remaining time he has on earth. Instead, he wants to make the most of the nice life he already has while simultaneously improving it as much as possible.

“”Pay for the Day” is the name of a song that I wrote. You are going to need to do something in order to make enough money for the day. I get up, I jog a little bit. I engage in some little exercise, and I also find that singing is beneficial to my lungs. During this time of quarantine, this is just another thing that my entire body longs for, “he remarked.

When asked about the key to a happy life, he encouraged others to “think positively,” just as he did at a time when he was on the verge of taking his own life.

In addition to these events, Nelson intends to perform live shows in the years to come.