Sandra Bullock furious: ‘Stop calling them adopted children, they are children, period!’

In our society, we often fail to realize the impact of the words we use when referring to people. This is particularly true when it comes to motherhood. While most people recognize a mother as someone who has given birth to a child, we must not forget that millions of people become parents through adoption.

For those who choose to adopt, the matter is quite simple: the children they bring into their homes are their own, just as if they had a biological connection. However, some people still insist on making a distinction by referring to them as “adopted children.”

Actress Sandra Bullock, renowned for her brilliant performances in movies such as “The Blind Side,” “Bird Box,” and “Ocean’s 8,” is taking a stand against this practice. In an interview with InStyle, she expressed that her two adopted children are as close to her as any biological child would be. While she may not be their biological mother, her maternal instincts are just as strong.

Sandra Bullock is not defined by her immense fortune, estimated at $250 million. Instead, she has earned the title of “America’s sweetheart” for her friendly, direct, and unpretentious nature. Bullock’s commitment to her fellow human beings extends beyond her acting career – she is a huge supporter of the American Red Cross, having donated millions of dollars to the organization.

But it is Bullock’s views on adoption and motherhood that have garnered attention in recent years. In 2010, she announced her plan to adopt a son from New Orleans, Louisiana. She cited the impact of Hurricane Katrina as a sign that led her to believe her child was there.

Now a mother of two African-American children, Bullock describes her son, Louis, as kind and sensitive with good leadership skills. Her daughter, Laila, is fearless and a young fighter.

Bullock has been protective of her children’s privacy and believes that adopted children should not be labeled as such. In her interview with InStyle, she made a plea to society and the media to stop using the outdated term “adopted children” and simply refer to them as “our children.” She emphasizes that being a mom is about much more than biological ties.

Bullock’s priority is to provide her children with a normal upbringing while keeping them close. She filed a lawsuit against a publication that used unauthorized images of her daughter, Laila, in 2015.

Recently, Bullock participated in an interview on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett-Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. During the conversation, she opened up about the challenges of raising Black children and expressed her occasional wish that she shared the same skin color as her kids. Bullock believes that matching skin color would make it easier for people to perceive them as a family.

This sentiment resonated with Pinkett-Smith and Bandfield-Norris, who agreed with Bullock’s desire for a world where skin color does not affect mother-child relationships. Bullock hopes that people will judge her family based on the strength of their bond rather than their skin color and encourages others to see with different eyes.

It’s important to remember that a mother is not simply the person who provides the biological means for a baby’s development. A mother is the one who loves unconditionally and forms an unbreakable bond with her child. If you believe in the power of this connection, share this article on Facebook.