She just shared the devastating news

The heartbreaking news that Christina Hall, star of the reality television show Flip or Flop, has been diagnosed with mercury and lead poisoning has been shared with her followers.

The television personality and home improvement expert took to Instagram to share a series of Stories from the hospital with her fans, in which she provided an update on the scans that she had been through. She said, “My scan said I have mercury and lead poisoning,” and she went on to say, “Most likely from all the nasty houses I’ve been in (the awful flips), and I have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.”

She had previously stated that she believed the cosmetic surgery may have been making her feel unwell, and she then revealed that she would be going through a full detox before determining how she feels and then considering removing her breast implants. The mother of three had previously stated that she believed the breast implants were making her feel unwell.

“Been feeling quite worn out as of late, so I’m on a mission to get back into my body. For years, I’ve struggled with several health issues that can’t be explained, and just recently, I’ve been giving some thought to the possibility that these issues are related to my breast implants. Is there anyone else who has had any prior experience with this topic? I’m interested to hear what the opinions of all the ladies are on this “Earlier in the month of December, she had said in a post.

Christina disclosed that some of the symptoms she had experienced included “inflammation, autoimmune issues (Hashimoto’s disease, PCOS, Raynaud’s syndrome), unexplained skin rashes, joint and muscle pain, dry eyes, gastrointestinal (GI) issues, SIBO, acid reflux, brain fog, hormone imbalances, swollen lymph nodes, and adrenal fatigue.”

She wrote earlier in 2022 that her recurring struggles had “been brushed off as stress and doctors have tried to put me on all the medicines.” This is not the first time that she has been upfront with followers about her health issues.

“I wanted to fix the problem so I really focused on my nutrition and it seemed to get better but then last year it was triggered again, and all of a sudden the stomach pain was back,” she wrote. She went on to say that anxiety can cause major flare ups, and the thing that she has noticed is being affected the most is her digestion and gut health.

She continued by saying, “I’ve talked to a number of individuals about this.” “And I just want to promote how vital it is to trust your own health instincts and not dismiss things that are going on in your body,” I said. “And I just want to advocate how crucial it is.”