She needs our prayers ASAP! Heartbreaking news about Sharon Osbourne

In a candid interview over the weekend, Sharon Osbourne discussed everything from her family to her health.

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The TV star also spoke up about her debilitating struggle with bulimia, which she has endured for many years, during the conversation.

She said to The Times that because of her bulimia, she can relate to others who are unhappy with their bodies.

“It’s terrible. I used to eat constantly. It was a component of my armor “She spoke.

“I believed that being heavier and less handsome gave me strength. That’s how I felt, however it’s strange.

Ozzy Osbourne’s wife also mentioned that she still gets nauseated after eating. “I just [expletive] at that, I’m getting rid of it, I’m like. I’ve been doing it for a very long time. It has merged with me.”

Added her: “Accept it, do I? Do I enjoy it? No, I suffer from the worst acid reflux imaginable.” Sharon also said that she has a shopping addiction and purchases “too many outfits, shoes, bags, and candles.”

She went on: “I don’t like this sofa; let’s switch it around once more. The color of this space doesn’t appeal to me. Let’s alter it once more.

“It is awful. It’s a lifestyle for the new money. It’s a form of bragging.”

Ozzy and Sharon currently reside in Los Angeles, but they may soon relocate back to the UK due to the consequences from her last-year axing from The Talk.

Following an on-screen argument about race between Sharon and the host Sheryl Underwood, her contract expired in March of last year.

Sheryl asked Sharon to explain why she had defended Piers on Twitter when the panel was debating his remarks regarding Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The debate quickly turned contentious, leading CBS to suspend the program and launch an investigation. A month later, it was made public that Sharon would be leaving her position as host.

In an interview with The Times, Sharon discussed life in Hollywood as follows: “Everyone is afraid of saying anything inappropriate that someone will steal and sell. That is not a way to live. I do not desire it. I don’t require it.”