She saw a black spot in her daughter’s mouth and rushed her to the hospital

Darian Depreta took her daughter to the hospital after noticing a black spot on the top of her mouth. After a first look, the doctors originally mistook it for a birthmark. Nevertheless, the father refused to accept this explanation, as he considered that spot can’t be just a birthmark.

After many failed attempts to make another appointment, the worried couple finally managed to arrange another visit to the doctor to have their daughter properly examined.

Storytime on Facebook

“I saw a smudge on Bella’s mouth today while playing with her. I attempted to wipe it to see if it would go away, but it did not. I then contacted everyone and made a 30-minute appointment with the doctor.” – The mother begins her story on Facebook.

The mother continues her story on Facebook describing in detail the day when she first noticed the stain in her daughter’s mouth. ”We usually love to play games together, and most of them include a lot of laughing and also singing. The second Bella started to sing her favorite song, I noticed that something was not right. At first, I thought she didn’t finish the candy I just gave her, but then I realized it is something else and decided to go to the doctor.”

When the nurse came to the doctor’s office, she attempted to wipe the black spot with an ENT control stick. He refused to go, so the doctor sought guidance from the girl.

They informed her mother it was a symptom of impending delivery at first, but she refused to believe them. The mother claims that the stain did not appear till later since she constantly cleans her daughter’s mouth.

A second opinion from the doctors

”I told both the nurse and the doctor that it can’t be a birthmark as I would have seen it before. No, that stain wasn’t there before, it just got there and I am terrified it might be something bad.” – the mother wasn’t happy with a simple explanation such as of a birthmark, and wanted another opinion. But that wasn’t that simple, because the doctor refused another appointment.

“I was promised that two specialists would consult with my daughter. After she insisted it wasn’t a birthmark, the doctors contacted her again. “I explained that the stain is somewhat white around the edges and that my kid attempts to scratch it with her fingers in her mouth,” states the mother.

Happy ending

When the doctors found out what that dark stain was, the entire hospital laughed in tears about it. The couple was right, it wasn’t a birthmark they discovered in their daughter’s mouth. That was in fact a piece of cardboard from a box the little girl had chewed with her teeth.
The parents were overjoyed about the news and they burst out laughing. They also apologized to the doctor for wasting their time.