She used this method to shed 110 pounds, and it was the most significant element in her success…

I am now 36 years old, and I would estimate that I have spent around 27 years of my life engaged in a struggle with my weight. You name the diet, and I’ve probably been there and done it… time than occasions, but was unable to succeed at it. Nothing has ever been simple, and nothing has ever made perfect sense. I kept trying different things, but I always ended up becoming sick with them, which ultimately contributed to my putting on even more weight.

Because of my weight and the way I ate when I was younger, I was often made to feel ashamed of who I am. I was coerced into following several diets, none of which really made me feel particular well. They made me feel either nauseous, famished, or excessively bloated to varying degrees. There was never a regular routine in any of the so-called “diets” that I was following. Either you ate a pound of broccoli and fish, or you ate fatty burgers with mayonnaise but no bread. There was no other option. How was any of it going to be sustainable, and how was it going to help me lose weight in a manner that was healthy? The answer is no.

In 2018, I reached a new low point in terms of my overall health. I have an incredible husband and two wonderful sons of my own. When I wanted to conceal the fact that I was eating fast food from my family, I would eat it four or five times a week and then throw away the bags. I had gotten into the habit of being so unmotivated to prepare nutritious meals that I would simply throw things together without giving any thought to their nutritional value. I had reverted to a large number of negative behaviors, which was the root cause of my perpetually downcast mood. I detested the way I seemed, the way I felt, and most significantly, the direction my life was in at the time.

The month of November 2018 was a turning point in my life. It was at that point that I reached out for assistance and was given information on The Ultimate Portion Fix program. I was desperate to learn the secrets behind how individuals were achieving such incredible outcomes. I need immediate information about all of it.

I took the plunge. I went through the whole Ultimate Portion Fix program by watching all of the videos, reading all of the program materials, and working through all of the offered workbooks and logbooks. There was no need to exclude carbohydrates or fruits, as is the case with many so-called “diets.” This made sense. There was no need to measure out portions or keep track of calories. I didn’t have to give up the foods that I love; all I had to do was choose healthier versions of them and the appropriate portion sizes. This is something that we all know, but are never fully aware not to do; until now, I wish I had known about this years ago; however, what was important was that I had the tools that I needed now.

Over the first several days, I measured everything, and I also had all of my meals ready in advance. Did you think I had any doubts? Of course! Since nothing else had worked for me in the past, I had my reservations that this would be successful. Yet I persisted in weighing and measuring everything I ate, and I never deviated from the prescribed portion sizes for any of my meals.

My desire for sweets gradually subsided, which contributed to the increased ease I experienced. I was becoming better at preparing nutritious meals for my family! I came to the realization that this was unlike anything else I had ever done. I was able to consume all of the food that I typically would; but, now that I was utilizing these containers as my guide, they instructed me on how to consume food in a whole new way.

Following the instructions in Autumn’s Portion Fix program and keeping up with her routines helped me shed 110 pounds in only one year. I made use of the resources that were provided to me and I followed their instructions. There was no getting around it, and there was no simple way out. I was aware that in order to get fresh results—results that would last—I would need to alter some of my previous practices.

Whenever things became challenging, I’d go back to how she always brought up our “whys.” What was the point of my doing this? to reduce body fat and improve overall health. Why was it necessary for me to do this? Simply put, I didn’t want to go out while I was still young. I yearned for the day when I could grow old beside my spouse and see my children become adults. Such responses are CONSTANTLY floating around in the back of my mind.

My sons see me having fun when I’m pushing play on Autumn’s fitness routines on a daily basis, and they watch me do it. I am able to provide them with delectable meals that are also nutritious, and what’s even more fantastic is that they are aware of the need to choosing good choices. They used to watch as I would spend the whole day moping on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself, and eating junk food. The version of myself that they have now is the finest one possible, and it’s all because to those six incredible containers.