She used to get bullied because of her weight but look at her now at the age of 13!

Breanna Bond faced bullying during her school years due to her weight. In first grade, she was significantly overweight, tipping the scales at 45 kilograms, which drew attention from her classmates.

Over the years, her weight continued to increase, reaching 84 kilograms by the time she was nine. Her movements were sluggish, and she took daily naps, enduring peer bullying.

Her weight issue was attributed to her parents, who favored sugary, fatty, and processed foods. Fast food was a weekly indulgence for the family, but Breanna was the one who showed symptoms of the high-calorie diet.

A medical assessment revealed that she suffered from morbid obesity, and a nutritionist recommended changes.

She began going to the gym and tried her hand at various sports like swimming, running, and basketball. Initially, her efforts seemed in vain, and she felt exhausted, struggling with an unhealthy obsession with her diet.

She reflects that as a child, she would have been happier if given more sweets, but things changed rapidly.

Breanna underwent a dramatic transformation, losing 35 pounds within a year. At the age of 13, she even competed as a cheerleader in the Olympic Games for young athletes, a far cry from her previous self.

Breanna successfully shed a substantial amount of weight and now aims to share her knowledge to help others in their weight loss journeys.