Shocking video shows young girl’s ‘Level 10’ lice infestation

Caution: If you find sensitive content uncomfortable, it’s advisable to divert your attention.

An American lice clinic has recently captured widespread attention as it shared compelling videos of some of its most severe cases. Among these videos is one showcasing the astonishing results of treating a young girl who had suffered from an extreme lice infestation for three long years.

With a commitment to transparency, the clinic embarked on documenting the entire lice removal process for this particular case, labeling it as a staggering “Level 10” infestation due to its magnitude. “Join us as we take you through her journey of lice removal treatment,” they explained.

Following thorough and meticulous care, the experts at the clinic disclosed that a total of five treatments would be required to address the issue effectively. Encouragingly, they reported that after applying the treatment, all lice were successfully eradicated, providing the much-needed relief to the young girl.

The unsettling video proceeds to reveal the removal of the lifeless parasites from the comb.

Expressing their frustration, one commenter remarked, “I can’t help but feel angry about this.”

“Does anyone know who her parents are? This situation is deeply concerning, as it could potentially be classified as child neglect,” another commenter voiced their worry.

Another said: One said: “At this point it’s the parents’ fault. How do you let your child suffer like this for THREE YEARS?!!”

A third noted: “That’s pure neglect on the parents’ part. But surely school teachers and friends’ parents should’ve noticed and intervened???”

Disturbingly, that clip is far from the worst that the Lice Angels have shared.

They first hit the headlines after sharing a clip titled: “Millions of lice.”

They weren’t joking.

The gross video showed an earlier stage in treatment, revealing a woman’s head crawling with a multitude of live nits.


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