Simple life hacks that will make your life easier

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Many Websites tout different hacks as the greatest ever, but which hacks actually rise above the rest and truly are some of the best around? For one, they need to be innovative and make life easier. They also should be simple to implement, because too much complexity could make the hack hard to accomplish.

Well, we’ve assembled some of the greatest life hacks. Some of these hacks have been in use for a while and might seem familiar, while others might be brand new to you, leaving you wondering how you haven’t heard of them before now. Regardless of whether you have heard of them before, you can start using these hacks immediately to save time and money.

Whether you need help in filling a bucket from a bathroom or kitchen sink, seek a way to make mess-free pancakes, or simply want a hassle-free way to clean your computer keyboard, these hacks are amazing. You can use these hacks to improve different tasks in your life or make them a whole lot easier.

Blister Pack Opening Hack

Items that come in blister packs can be hard to open, and once you do get them open, the often sharp edges can cut you like a knife. Avoid all this by using a hand-operated can opener instead. The can opener easily cuts through the plastic of the blister pack, leaving a nice, clean edge.

Soda Tab Straw Hack

This simple hack is not very obvious at first glance. Instead of removing the tab of your soda can, turn it around so that it is over the opening of the can and insert a straw. The tab should hold the straw in place, making it easier for you to drink from the can.

Bobby Pin Storage Hack

If you have any empty Tic Tac containers, give this hack a try. The container easily holds bobby pins and dispenses them is easy. Simply open the top and retrieve the bobby pins you need. When finished, close the top and throw the container in your bag.

Kitchen Pot Hanging Hack

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, then give this hack a try. Place a pegboard on the wall of your kitchen space, and hang your pots and pans from the pegs on the board. Check out Kitchn for a tutorial on how to build this useful storage solution.

Ice Coffee Hack

If you like to drink ice coffee but hate the way your ice seems to water your coffee down as it melts, then try this hack. Pour some coffee into an ice tray, and place it in the freezer. The next time you make your ice coffee, you can use the frozen coffee ice cubes.

Garage Storage Hack

This hack allows you to easily store items in your garage up out of the way. All you need are some wooden I-beams and some sturdy storage containers with a lip around the edge. Install the I-beams so that they are wide enough to fit the containers, and slide the lipped containers into the I-beams to store them away.

Snack Dispenser Hack

Save those old coffee creamer containers and turn them into easy-to-manage snack containers for your kids. Tear off the outer wrapper and place your favorite snacks inside. Not only do they make dispensing snacks a breeze, they are easy to store at home or on the go.