Since she was one-year-old, this kid has excelled in beauty pageants… Here is what she looks like at 15…

In the United States of America, Eden Wood first became known. Young women can start competing in beauty pageants at any age. Her first win in a contest like this in the last year!

During her whole childhood, she joined and competed in beauty pageants. She had already won more than 300 children’s beauty pageants by the time she was four years old.

At such a young age, the baby was called the most beautiful girl in the country.

During her whole childhood, she was always around the glitz and glamour of the fashion business. This included catwalks, contests, and beautiful clothes, makeup, and accessories.

The baby was asked to come into the theater, where he or she often took part in the show and where conversations took place.

Eden didn’t have a typical childhood in the sense that she didn’t have any friends or do things like swing, ride bikes, or skateboard in the yard with them.

She never had the chance to make new friends as a child. Instead, she had to deal with people who were against her.

She had a set plan for every day of her life until she was six years old.

The young woman had so many things to do in the morning that she had to eat at a solarium, go to a beauty shop, and work with a choreographer.

The baby wore high heels to all of her rehearsals, workouts, picture shoots, and performances as part of her training.

Her hair was always changed in complicated ways and dressed with varnishes, foams, and other products.

At age six, the young woman stopped taking part in beauty pageants. She’s recently wanted to become famous.

Eden has reached the age of 14 now. The young woman is making her first album at the moment.

Eden’s mother still helps her with her projects and acts as her manager. She also gives her inspiration.

The young woman also wrote a book about herself. The title of the book is “From the Cradle to the Throne.”

Eden is a good student who also does things outside of school like playing the guitar and drums, going to dances, and dancing.

During the fall 2018 New York Fashion Week, the young woman made her first appearance as a model.

Eden made well over $100,000 in her five-year career.

She was able to get money and supplies for herself and her family.