Sister of ‘Sister Wives’ Star Garrison Brown Speaks Out One Week After He’s Laid to Rest

One week after laying her younger brother to rest, fellow ‘Sister Wives’ star Madison Brush is speaking out. “…My mind remains consumed with thoughts of Garrison.”

In a video addressing her Instagram followers and fans, Madison thanked the thousands of people who reached out to her offering their condolences. She then made a promise to use her Instagram platform to talk more honestly about mental health.

Madison told her followers that she is making more of an effort to be less filtered, and more real. “I’m stepping back into normalcy today, as much as you can,” she told her followers. “It’s crazy how many people [suicide] touches.”

“Mental health is so important. And I don’t think we talk about it enough,” Madison continued as she got visibly emotional. Madison told her followers that Garrison wasn’t dealing with bullying or a lack of love, he was struggling with his mental health when he took his own life earlier this month.

“Garrison used to compare himself to other people on social media…he always felt like he wasn’t doing enough,” Madison continued to share. But as the ‘Sister Wives’ star stressed to her own followers, social media is a “highlight reel” and it’s not real life. It was something she and Garrison often talked about.

Commenters praised Madison for her video, agreeing wholeheartedly with her that mental health needs to be talked about more. “That was beautiful Madison,” one commenter wrote. “Mental health IS health. It needs to be dis-stigmatized and treated respectfully. I know so many ‘intelligent’ people that run from anyone with Mental Heath challenges. Let’s embrace and rally around them as we would anyone who experiences any type of physical health issues.”

“Feel this in a deep level. I’m so sorry you and your family lost someone this way. Losing my brother to suicide forever changed me. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. The grief of losing someone this way can hit pretty heavy,” another follower added, sharing her own experience.

And another commenter agreed, saying, “Suicide is a different kind of grief. I wish you and your family all the best as you travel down this road. Your words are beautiful.”

We continued to think about the Brown family and the ‘Sister Wives’ community during this truly difficult time. If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health and experiencing depression and thoughts of suicide, please seek help by reaching out to the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988.