‘Sister Wives’ ‘ Christine Brown Recalls Daughter Truely’s Hospital Stay at Age 3: ‘Her Kidneys Shut Down’

The Sister Wives star shared a photo of two drawings she made for her daughter as she spent 11 days in the hospital nearly 10 years ago

Christine Brown is counting her blessings as she reflects on her daughter Truely’s health scare.

Truely, 12, faced kidney failure as a 3-year-old, Brown revealed in an Instagram post Tuesday. The Sister Wives star said that she spent “11 days in the hospital” with her daughter after Truely’s “kidneys shut down.” She recalled “wondering if I would go home, with or without her.”

Brown, 50, found two old drawings from that hospital stay nearly 10 years ago. Truely is “at the hospital with tubes connected to a dialysis machine,” and in the other, she is “healthy at home and going to Disneyland.”

Brown said she promised Truely that once “she was better and we got home, and she was healthy, we would go to Disneyland.”

“That was the day she started to get better. So glad I kept these pictures to remind me of miracles. #blessed #momlife #miracles #reminders,” Brown wrote in the caption.

Truely, who Brown shares with her ex-husband Kody Brown, is the youngest of the former couple’s five children: Aspyn, 27, Mykelti, 26, Paedon, 24, Gwendlyn, 20, and Ysabel, 19.

Since the couple’s split in 2021 after 25 years of marriage, Kody has also fallen out with two of his other three wives, Meri and Janelle. His only remaining marriage is to Robyn Brown, who he married the most recently, in 2014 — but even that relationship has been bumpy in the last few months.

“Kody is now questioning me left and right about things that I thought he knew about me like he’s struggling to trust everybody around him,” Robyn said during an episode that aired in October.

Some of Kody’s children have said there are strains in their relationships with their father. Gwendlyn, who Christine and Kody share, opened up about it in a recent YouTube video:

“He really has changed,” Gwendlyn said of her dad. “The reason I think he started changing is because his kids used to be young and easily manipulated and I think he found it easier to talk to them [back then]. We weren’t as opinionated.”

Kody has 18 kids in total from his plural marriage with Robyn, estranged wife Janelle Brown and ex-wives Christine and Meri Brown.