Star Of ‘Supernatural’ Suffered 6 “Massive Heart Attacks”

Actor Mark Sheppard is probably better known by many fans as Crowley, the character he played on the TV series “Supernatural,” which aired from 2009 to 2017. Since that show ended, he has continued his acting career on the TV series “Doom Patrol” and “Walker: Independence.”

Now, Sheppard is taking an unexpected break from his acting career to try to make a full recovery after a recent near-death experience. On December 3, 2023, Sheppard posted an Instagram picture showing him in a hospital bed. In the caption, he explained what happened.

Sheppard wrote, “You’re not going to believe this! Was on my way to an appointment yesterday when I collapsed in my kitchen.” What happened between the collapse and his Instagram post is the real unbelievable yet true part. He wrote, “Six massive heart attacks later, and being brought back from dead 4 times I apparently had a 100% blockage in my LAD. The Widowmaker.”

Then Sheppard praised his wife, the fire department, and the hospital staff that saved his life. He wrote, “If not for my wife, the @losangelesfiredepartment at mullholland and the incredible staff @providencecalifornia St Joseph’s – I wouldn’t be writing this. My chances of survival were virtually nil.”

When Sheppard wrote the post, he was feeling significantly better and was even scheduled to be released from the hospital the next day. He wrote, “I feel great. Humbled once more. Home tomorrow!”

Watch the video below to learn more about this shocking medical emergency and what Sheppard’s former co-stars had to say when they found out.