Surprising Stamos News

John Stamos recently sat down for an interview with First We Feast’s Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans. During the interview, they discussed his memoir, his celeb friendships and his time on “Full House.” Surprisingly, the first thing Stamos had to say about “Full House” was “I hated that show.”

Stamos played Uncle Jesse on “Full House,” but there was a time when he tried to walk away from the show. He explained that the show was not at all what he was expecting. In fact, he was told it was going to be a buddy show where the kids were “in the background.”

His first tip off that the kids were a big part of the show was when he noticed how much time was spent on casting for the roles of the children on the show. Then, he was even more caught off guard during a table read before filming the show’s first episode. Jodie Sweetin, who played middle sister Stephanie Tanner on the show, was killing it as she read her lines at the table read. Stamos was so frustrated that she was getting so many laughs, that he left the table read and called his agent to try to get him out of doing the show.

According to “Full House” writer-producer Jeff Franklin, Sweetin was the first actor cast on the show. On the podcast “Full House Rewind,” hosted by Dave Coulier, who played Joey Gladstone on the sit-com, Franklin discussed the same table read that made Stamos want to quit the show. Franklin explained that about 100 people were in the room for the table read, and he believes, “They were all there to see Stamos, I think.” Franklin explained that Sweetin was so funny that she “just stole the whole thing.”

Eventually Stamos came around to accepting the show for what it was and accepting his part on the show. He realized that the show was not about one particular character, instead, according to Stamos, “the central character was love.” He added, “We were the best representation of a loving family, not a normal family.”

Watch Stamos’s full interview in the video below.

Does it surprise you that Stamos tried to get out of acting on the show “Full House” because Sweetin was so good at her part?