Teacher Who Inspired Millions Passes Away Tragically

In the summer of 2022, TikToker and kindergarten teacher Maddy Baloy began experiencing persistent stomach issues. Over the next year, she attempted to address the problem independently by altering her diet.

However, in February 2023, the situation took a serious turn when she started vomiting blood, prompting her to seek medical attention. Upon consulting a doctor, she underwent tests that revealed abnormalities in her large intestine, leading to an emergency surgery. During the procedure, doctors discovered multiple cancerous tumors pressing on her large intestine.

The following day, as Baloy recovered from surgery, her family delivered the devastating news that she had cancer. From that point forward, Baloy chose to openly and emotionally share her cancer journey on TikTok, documenting her experiences and struggles. Her most recent TikTok video was posted on March 4, 2024. Initially, when diagnosed, Baloy was given a prognosis of five years to live. Tragically, the cancer proved to be more aggressive than anticipated, and she passed away on May 1, 2024, at the age of 26.

Baloy’s boyfriend, Louis Risher, confirmed her passing to PEOPLE, saying, “Madison passed away peacefully last night.” He emphasized that she was “surrounded with love.” Notably, the day Baloy died coincided with Risher’s 27th birthday. Reflecting on the day, he said, “I turned 27 yesterday, actually. I was holding her hand all day and that’s all I needed.” He described her as “so special.”

In a previous interview, Baloy discussed her cancer journey and the decision to share it publicly on TikTok. She explained that after her diagnosis, she felt “alone and isolated,” which led her to join TikTok and share her story. She expressed, “I knew that I had a lot to say.”

In addition to Risher, Baloy is survived by her mother and stepfather. Her openness about her battle with cancer and her willingness to share her journey with the world resonated with many, leaving a lasting impact on her followers and loved ones.