Ted Danson overwhelmed with grief makes the announcement

Ted, who played the role of bar owner Sam Malone in the legendary sitcom, shared his feelings with Deadline, saying, “I am very sad and incredibly appreciative for all of the times she made me laugh.”

I am sending all of my affection to her children. They are aware of the fact that their mother has a pure and noble heart. I am going to miss her.”

In other news, comedic superstar Adam Sandler has also expressed his admiration for the late actress, praising her for being “fearless and witty” in her life.

The comedian, who is 56 years old, also extended his warmest regards to Kirstie’s family, which includes her children True, 30, and Lily, 28, respectively.

Adam, who appeared on Saturday Night Live with Kirstie while she was a cast member, posted a throwback photo of the actress along with the following message on Twitter: “Gonna miss this girl. Absolutely fearless, hilarious, and genuinely kind human being. Sending all of my love to her family. Thinking of every one of them.”

Her family had previously disclosed that she lost her battle with cancer that was “just recently found.” Kirstie went away as a result of her illness.

At the end of her life, the actress was reportedly “surrounded by her closest family and fought with amazing strength,” according to another piece of information that was made public.

Her family communicated their sadness to her friends and loved ones by saying, “We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce, and loving mother has passed away following a struggle with cancer, which was just recently detected.”

“She fought with incredible strength while being surrounded by her closest family members, leaving us with the certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead.” She was an even more incredible mother and grandmother than she was the legendary actress that she was on TV.