Thai ‘90s Idol Ryu Athit Is Now Homeless And Selling Second-Hand Goods By The Roadside

Former teen heartthrob Arthit Taongsawatrat, better known as Ryu Athit, has not seen his fortunes soar after leaving showbiz 15 years ago.

The former actor, who made his showbiz debut at the age of 14, was the face of Thai idol dramas in the ‘90s, and was popular with both advertisers and the general public, endorsing multiple products.

Unfortunately, Ryu struggled with his mental health, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Reports at that time painted him as someone who was “insane and mentally unsound”.

Ryu, whose last on-screen appearance was in the 2005 romcom drama, Theptida Long Ngan, then took a break from showbiz to seek treatment.

For 10 years, he was reported to be in and out of hospitals, and at one point, turned to Buddhism to manage his condition.

In that time, Ryu also got married twice with both relationships ending in divorce. 

He has two sons, nicknamed Pham, 23 and Phao, 22, from his marriage with his first wife, and a daughter, nicknamed Link, 15, with his second wife.

The former actor does not seem to be on good terms with either of them, and it was said that Ryu is no longer in contact with his kids.

Recently, it was also reported that Ryu is now homeless, and selling second-hand goods at a roadside flea market to earn a living.

Sharing pictures of Ryu at his makeshift stall, the report revealed that Ryu had burnt through all the money he made in his youth, and had to declare bankruptcy.

He shared that he now sleeps by the road, and has to use water from an outdoor tap if he wishes to wash himself up.

However, he remained optimistic, and added that he hopes to continue working hard for a better future.