The beautiful actress Victoria Ruffo is now 56 years old… Check out how she looks now!

The attractive young woman quickly gained fame, entering the film industry at 18.

Her widespread recognition came not just within her home country but extended internationally, thanks in part to her role in the TV show “Sólo María.”

In addition to achieving stardom, Victoria also found love on the set with Eugenio Derbez, whom she initially clashed with and separated from.

However, a year later, they encountered each other again, leading to Ruffo realizing she was in love.

Marriage to Eugenio brought about a significant shift. He insisted she stay at home, believing it was the traditional role, and exhibited intense jealousy if she continued working on set.

After a few years, Victoria recognized that his jealousy stemmed from her success, surpassing his achievements.

Despite putting up a fight, Ruffo initiated divorce proceedings, facing delays as Derbez refused financial support for their child. Upon regaining her freedom, the actress fully immersed herself in her career.

In a nutshell, her struggle with relationships changed when politician Omar Fayad entered her life. He successfully convinced Victoria of his love and commitment, leading to an elaborate wedding ceremony attended by numerous people.

Now at 56, Victoria maintains a youthful appearance, attributing her beauty to natural factors and affirming she has never undergone plastic surgery.