The bride took this photo as evidence in the divorce.

A wedding photo circulating on social media captures a groom in a totally inappropriate pose.

He makes an embarrassing gesture when he thought no one could see him. The press reported that immediately after seeing the snap, obviously after the party and consummating her first night as a bride, the woman filed for divorce.

The evidence she had was as clear as could be.

The man who was supposed to be faithful to her all his life had stepped out of line right at the moment of marriage, putting his hand on the bridesmaid’s backside. If the man had made such a gesture at such times, it is clear that he would not have stopped there and would have continued throughout the marriage!

Being cheated on is a horrible feeling.

Nobody wants it to happen to them, and few of us could even fathom how someone we care about and love could so ruthlessly stab us in the back.

But dishonesty does occur.

It actually occurs frequently.

Infidelity continues to be the major cause of divorce and separation in both married and unmarried relationships worldwide.

This is a comprehensive guide to adultery.

What is the actual number of persons who cheat, their reasons, their gender, and the kinds of relationships they engage in?

Here’s the unflinching reality:

Nobody wants to be taken advantage of, but many of us will.

We have the data, research, polls, analysis, and interviews.

Who is deceiving whom, where, and why? Men or women commit more felonies?

We’ll also examine various forms of cheating, such as financial and emotional cheating.

What do the figures indicate?

Infidelity rates are dangerously high overall.

Unverified statistics from certain websites indicate that “at least one instance of infidelity” occurs in 25% of marriages and 40% of unmarried partnerships.

A staggering 70% of married Americans, according to a different statistic from the journal of Marriage and Divorce, cheat at least once.

Although the US General Social Survey provides more solid data, which suggests reduced infidelity rates, these rates are nonetheless alarmingly high.

Twenty percent of males and thirteen percent of women cheat, according to the General Social Survey.

The figures are a little higher, according to LA Intelligence Detective Agency. It is stated that:

In between 30 and 60 percent of married couples, adultery occurs at least once.

If it were certain they wouldn’t be caught, 74 percent of men and 68 percent of women said they would cheat.

60% of relationships end in affairs begin with close friends or coworkers.

An affair typically lasts two years.

The discovery of an affair causes 69 percent of marriages to fail.

Nobody of us wants to hear this. But a beautiful falsehood is worse than the ugly reality.