The Cause of Death of Audrina Patridge’s Niece Has Been Revealed

The authorities are currently investigating who supplied the pills to Sadie. As of now, the circumstances surrounding her death are unknown. According to TMZ, the addictive painkiller Percocet, which Sadie obtained via Snapchat, was laced with fentanyl. This is a tragic situation, and our hearts go out to the Loza and Patridge families during this trying time.

Kyle Loza, Sadie’s stepfather, also paid tribute to her memory. He confesses his undying love for Sadie and how much he misses her in his poignant post. Sadie clearly had a great impact on people she cared about, leaving behind fond memories.

While we mourn Sadie’s passing, let us remember that Audrina Patridge, the star of ‘The Hills,’ has a daughter of her own. Kirra Max, her six-year-old daughter, was born in 2016. Audrina has had a difficult period when her divorce from motorbike and BMX rider Cory Bohan was finalized in December 2018.

Sadie’s death is a sobering reminder of how fragile life can be. It’s a gentle reminder to embrace our loved ones even closer, savoring every precious moment spent together. Our thoughts are with Audrina Patridge and her family as they deal with this unthinkable tragedy. Let us remember Sadie’s memory by enjoying our lives to the fullest, exactly as she would have wished.