The Drive-By Shooting on Willie Robertson’s property

The “Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson’s Louisiana ranch was the scene of a drive-by shooting that led to an arrest and charge for the man. The man is now suing Robertson and his family for defamation.

After two residences in West Monroe were hit by gunshots in April 2020, Daniel King Jr. was incarcerated. When one of the eight to 10 shots he said were fired at the home went through the bedroom window of a house where his son John Luke Robertson resides with his wife, Mary Kate, and their infant boy, Robertson, 49, claimed he and his family were “quite rattled up.”

King has filed a lawsuit against Willie, John Luke, and Mary Kate, according to court records obtained by TMZ, alleging that their claims to police about the event were “planned, false, and ultimately defamatory.”

According to the newspaper, King claims in the lawsuit that Willie and John Robertson made false claims against him in an effort to damage his reputation. He is now suing the Robertsons, Willie Robertson’s Duck Commander company, and the sheriff’s department of Ouachita Parish for damages.

Additionally, King claims that the police did not thoroughly investigate the incident. He contends that he was falsely accused of the criminal offense of aggravated assault by a drive-by shooting. King’s charge has been upgraded to felony unauthorized use of a weapon, the 4th Judicial District district attorney’s office reports.

Willie Robertson discussed the event with the local media outlet The News-Star in April of last year, saying it appeared as though the culprit was “spraying bullets throughout my property.” The second home was also hit by gunshots, witnesses said Ouachita Parish authorities. No injuries, according to the authorities.

Robertson claimed that during the coronavirus outbreak, he and numerous members of his family, including his daughter Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff, had been residing at the estate.

Everyone had been outdoors for five minutes before Robertson’s entrance, he claimed. I’d just returned from the grocery when it occurred.

We are all okay, Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram to her followers.

“Naturally, it upset us all, but we are just so grateful that everyone in our family is ok. Particularly when one of the shots broke a window in my brother’s house, “She composed. “We had all just entered the house, so the timing of where we were at the time was crazy protective. We have been focusing on Psalm 91 and our mutual thanks for everything being alright; we appreciate your prayers.”

Other passengers in the car with the suspect at the time of the shooting, according to deputies.

The criminal case is still active, according to TMZ. The Robertsons’ representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

The CEO of Duck Commander, a multimillion-dollar duck call and decoy company that provided the idea for the A&E documentary that highlighted the small hamlet in north Louisiana, is Willie Robertson.