The first Hollywood beauty grew older and she looks so much like she is not taken care of…

One of Hollywood’s most coveted beauties in the past was the star of the movies «Dynasty» and «Melrose Place.»

Perfect facial traits that made Heather Locklear instantly recognized, vibrant, and even unique. The attractive woman had a large following, and she was unable to avoid the admirers who clamored for her autograph.

The opulent blonde’s head was turned by such fame. Work gaps started to appear along with star illness. After producers stopped presenting Locklear with roles, the actress was essential without a job.

Heather was severely affected by the sudden decline from fame to obscurity; as a result, she started using alcohol and other substances. The actress can come across as unclean and untidy if she walks along the street.

Her presence immediately revealed Locklear’s issues. The once-beautiful woman’s face grew puffy, she developed deep wrinkles, and her contour began to swim.

The series’ star is currently 61 years old. Although Heather has been making an effort to take care of herself over the past few years, her harmful hobbies have not been able to stay hidden. The actress has undergone a profound change in appearance. Nevertheless, Locklear’s decision to abstain from alcohol and street substances allowed him to at least resume his career, albeit in low-budget, inferior television series.

The «Dynasty» star was so captured on camera shopping. The famous actor from Hollywood sported a black cap, a T-shirt, and long, tight shorts. Locklear’s physique has undergone significant transformation, yet given her age, she still looks good.

The actress also remembered to apply makeup, kayaling her eyes in black. However, this attempt at makeup ended up being so ineffective that it only served to highlight Heather’s eyelid puffiness and wrinkles.

Fans were stunned and in disbelief when they saw this picture!