The heartbreaking actual reason Kevin Costner is quitting “Yellowstone” – he was advised to “just stick to acting.”

Hearing that your favorite show is about to end or, worse yet, be canceled is never pleasant.

Every time I read or hear that one of the many shows I’ve fallen in love with over the years is getting closer to its last curtain, it breaks my heart again. You’d think that by this stage, I would have experienced enough disappointment to be able to accept it and look forward to discovering something new, but I haven’t.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who freaked out when rumors about the future of the popular Western series Yellowstone circulated last week. Or perhaps I could say a lack of future?

The Paramount blockbuster is expected to end its run following the conclusion of its fifth season, which is nearly halfway through. This appears to have been all but formally announced.

Speculation about the reasons behind the situation has exploded. After all, Yellowstone is incredibly well-liked and has developed a cult fan base that would probably have no problems with being renewed for an additional five seasons.

The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, and star, Kevin Costner, are reportedly at odds, so it appears to be ending abruptly.

According to a source who recently spoke with the publication, animosity between Sheridan and Costner has risen because “certain people in charge of the production developed a God complex.”

According to reports, the main problem was Hollywood heavyweight Costner’s dissatisfaction with the general direction the show was going in. According to The Daily Mail, Costner, an executive producer on Yellowstone, was urged to “stick to acting” after expressing his concerns.

According to the insider, Kevin will always be grateful for and proud of Yellowstone, and the cast is like family to him.

He was told to stick to acting and that Yellowstone was moving in a route inconsistent with their original goal.

Additionally, according to the New York Post, Costner reportedly wanted to lighten his workload for the fifth season of the Western to devote more time to other endeavors.

There is respect, but friction, as with any showrunner and major performer, a source told the Washington Post.

After reducing his work on the first half of season five of Yellowstone, it is said that 68-year-old Costner only intended to film for one week on the second half. The hero of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves reportedly wants more time to devote to his next film, Horizon, according to a February story from Deadline.

However, reports that Costner had attempted to lighten his workload were refuted by the actor’s attorney Marty Singer, who said: “As everyone who knows anything about Kevin is well aware, he is incredibly passionate about the show and has always gone way above and beyond to ensure its success.”

In any event, it seems incontestable that Costner and Yellowstone director Taylor Sheridan has issues. Taylor is the star of his program, a “highly placed” Hollywood source allegedly told the New York Post. He is the focal point of each of his agendas.

The Daily Mail cited inside sources who stated that Sheridan was “overburdened” with his work schedule and that the director didn’t have things ready when Costner made himself accessible. This may very well be the root of the current issue.

“Kevin has been accommodating while dealing with Taylor and 101 Studios, his production firm. They didn’t have the scripts,” a source told the Post. “They were expected to shoot the second chapter of Season 5 late last year.

Kevin has previously agreed to produce his other films. He had provided the filmmakers with his itinerary. Nothing was there to shoot.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m hoping for a solution. I’m a major fan of Yellowstone, and I find it hard to think that the show would be as excellent without Kevin Costner.

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