The Look on Deaf Girl’s Face After Hearing Her Own Voice for the First Time Is Too Good

Mom went on to say they’ve been having the most fun watching her learn new sounds

Medical science can be a miraculous thing. The interventions and treatments that are available today are totally mind-blowing. Some deaf children can even hear again with the help of hearing aids! Can you imagine going from a life of silence to a life of sound? It’s almost incomprehensible.

In this inspiring video from @kacybrianne, a little deaf girl gets hearing aids and hears her own voice for the first time ever. The look she gets on her face at first? It’s the absolute definition of priceless.

How thrilling! The sounds she was making were so joyful. And that look on her face! What must it be like to hear your very own voice for the first time ever? Like getting to know a whole new side of herself. And how exciting for her family, too! In the comments, the mom explained that her daughter had been wanting to try hearing aids for a long time because some friends at school had them, and she was so excited to finally have the opportunity. “She’s been learning what things make noise today and it’s so fun to see!” the mom wrote in the comments.

Commenters were so happy for this little girl. 

“The way she repeats herself to you! So cute!” – I Wear Glasses

“That surprised look DESERVES to be a framed picture in the living room” – Shelt901

“The 17 emotions that her face ran thru when she heard her own voice for the first time & The fact that she could hear her own voice” – Kris Carpenter

Such a pure, wholesome, happy moment to share with the world. Best wishes to this little girl!