‘The Makeover Guy’ Gives This DivorcedWoman One Of The SexiestTransformations Yet

Women all enjoy being beautiful, but sometimes in life things can get in the way of feeling our best.

A few people spend too much time comparing themselves with others. Others do not feel beautiful because they are always paying attention to small imperfections in themselves that, let’s be honest, we all have.

One of the times in life that a woman can feel most uncomfortable about herself is right after she gets separated from her spouse.

As a common thing in life, divorce can be hard on the ones going through it. Everything changes after a divorce. One thing that can be especially hard about divorce is wondering about all that you may have done wrong. This kind of pondering can seriously hurt your self-esteem.

Recently one woman was going through precisely that. 48-year-old Heather from Amarillo, Texas, got ready to go through a divorce.

It was an unpleasant time for her in which she totally gave up on herself.

After getting sick of seeing herself with gray hair in the mirror and not knowing what to do with her makeup, she decided that she needed to do something radical. That is why she decided to visit Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, in his center in Minneapolis.

Christopher is popular on social media with his drastic makeovers of people who seem to have given up on their physical appearance. He makes sure that the people who come to him look great and feel like a different person afterwards.

When Christopher asked Heather what she did not want to see in her makeover, the only thing she could say is “ugly”. She completely entrusted her look to the skilled hands of the Makeover Guy.

Christopher cut Heather’s long and dry gray hair to the chin. The gray was dyed to a light auburn color that was close to Heather’s original hair color. Simply doing this took years off of her appearance. He put on makeup from the warm palette on her skin and eyes.

Heather was completely satisfied with the results she got from her makeover.

“I think he kind of nailed it”, she said. “I feel sexy.”

This makeover will definitely give her the boost that she needs to get through the divorce.

What do you think of Heather’s transformation? Do you agree that a makeover can change the way one feels about going through something like a divorce? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below and make sure your friends who may have reached a similar point in their lives will see this!