The movie “Godfellas” has been given a trigger warning on AMC…

There is a possibility that “Goodfellas” has not aged well with some viewers. The American Movie Center has issued a trigger warning due to the film’s use of outmoded stereotypes, and this has resulted in an internet reaction.

In the beginning of this week, Ken Lovett, who had previously worked as a reporter for the New York Post, sent X a photo of a trigger warning that he claims was shown on television just before the movie. The notice warned viewers that the film directed by Martin Scorsese included content that might be considered objectionable.

The warning specifically addresses “language and/or offensive cultural stereotypes that are inconsistent with today’s standards of inclusion.”

As you can guess, the mere presence of a trigger warning, which AMC claims it inserted in the year 2020, is causing a commotion on the internet. A great number of individuals are criticizing the wokeness and the oversensitive left for tarnishing the classic by including the warning.

To give credit where credit is due, the iconic gangster film contains a lot of blatant bigotry and sexism, but its supporters argue that this is because it is reflective of the period. In the end, it is a work from a bygone era.

In point of fact, the New York Post conducted an interview with former New York City Police Department Officer Bo Dietl, who has a minor role in the movie. Dietl is expressing his disapproval of the decision, stating that the film accurately depicts the harsh streets of New York City.

We have attempted to get in touch with Scorsese, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci, but they have not responded to our inquiries as of yet. We are unsure of how some of the film’s actors feel about it. Moreover, we have attempted to contact AMC.

However, in recent days, a number of artists have voiced their disapproval of trigger warnings. Among these actresses is Dame Judi Dench, who advised individuals who are easily affected to avoid going to the theater altogether.