The oldest British model is 93 years old now and here is what she looks like!

Daphne Selfe, a native of Great Britain, graced the world with her presence in 1929 as a delightful young lady.

Standing at 168 centimeters tall and possessing the proportions of 90-60-90, Daphne boasted the kind of feminine curves that were once regarded as the epitome of beauty.

In the 1950s, Daphne ascended to the status of a celebrated model, her journey commencing with a victory in a local beauty pageant. Her enchanting visage became ubiquitous, gracing various advertisements for stylish clothing and even food products. Her delectable appearance captivated the hearts of many.

However, an unexpected turn brought her thriving career to a halt. She entered into matrimony, became the mother of three children, and bid adieu to her professional pursuits.

As her children matured and her husband departed this world, Daphne found herself standing alone, compelled to fend for herself.

Then came an unexpected opportunity when she was invited to a television program that celebrated early models, a moment when she had reached the age of 60. Remarkably, Daphne retained her loveliness even in her sixth decade of life. Following the show’s broadcast, she received invitations to rekindle her modeling career.

The world’s oldest supermodel, now at the age of 93, continues to grace the pages of prestigious fashion magazines, including Vogue and other renowned publications. For each photoshoot, this remarkable woman earns over $1,500.

Daphne Selfe attributes her longevity and vitality to an active lifestyle, a nourishing diet, and her regular practice of yoga.

We can only hope for her continued well-being, enabling her to persevere in her extraordinary career.