The Secrets a Plumber Won’t Tell You

These secrets could save you a lot of time and money. Get the scoop on things a plumber will never tell you.

Monday is Our Busiest Day
That’s the day many call us to correct whatever DIY plumbing project went south over the weekend. Another crazy busy day is the day after Thanksgiving, aka Brown Friday. Thanks to the big meal enjoyed at large family gatherings, sink and toilet pipes take a beating — and plumbers are often called in the next day.

A Burst Washing Machine Hose is a Top Homeowner-Insurance Claim
If your washing machine is connected to bare rubber hoses, you’re risking thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage. Under constant water pressure, these hoses are prone to leaks or even bursting.

It’s a good idea to replace them with no-burst washing machine water hoses which are encased in a woven metal sleeve that prevents weak spots in the rubber from developing into leaks.

Call a Plumbing-Supply or Fixture Store for a Plumber Recommendation
These types of stores don’t tolerate bad plumbers, so you know they’ll send you to the best of the best. Another great resource is to check with local general contractors, they work with a lot of different vendors so they can help you find a handyman you can trust.

No Bricks in the Toilet Tank
Putting a brick in the toilet tank to save water is one of the most common plumbing myths out there, but don’t fall for this outdated tip. The brick can disintegrate over time, and the debris damages the flush mechanism.

Know the Location of the Main Turnoff Source
There’s nothing worse than a major water leak in your home. Flowing water can cause panic, so make sure you know ahead of time how to turn it off. The location of the main turnoff source is one of the most critical things a homeowner should know to save money and prevent damage.

Watch Out for Long or Shedding Hair
If you’ve got a Rapunzel at home, buy a drain strainer or a hair snare to keep your drain free of hair clogs. If you do run into a hairy obstruction, these affordable drain snakes work great at removing it. Fixing a clog is one of several DIY plumbing fixes you can do.

Don’t Use “Flushable” Wipes
Those “flushable” wipes are one of the main culprits for clogging pipes. They don’t break down the way toilet paper does.