The Sky Is The Limit: 10 Of The Latest Secrets Flight Attendants Share About Their Craft

Airlines want us to believe that they recruit only the most elite staff, that their aircraft are kept meticulously sanitized, and that everything from booking to arrival at your final destination is always top-notch and safe. As much as we wish that were the case – the truth is that the travel industry has some well-kept dark secrets that we’ve managed to uncover for you all.

Anonymous tips and veterans of the trade have bonded together over the internet and decided it is time to share what’s going on behind the scenes finally.

According to what we’ve found from the experts themselves, airplanes are not always kept to the highest standard of cleanliness, there are always major safety concerns, and crew members are required to have some pretty unbelievable skills we would have never imagined.

Airline workers have quite a bit of power when you’re flying high in the sky- so we suggest always remaining in their favor! Buckle up for this bumpy ride – because here are 45 revealing truths that airlines have tried to keep classified until now.

Stuck with Strangers

You’d think that a flight crew would work together as a team, the same way a police squad or even a group of colleagues in a marketing firm would. Once you hop on the flight, it seems as if they have all flown together for ages and know each other reasonably well – well enough to work together in such a professional and friendly manner, at least. 

But the truth about airline crews is that they get switched around so often that flight attendants meet for the first time in the briefing just before the flight. Usually, they meet so briefly that they barely have time to learn names, so they refer to each other using neutral terms like “hun” or “darling.” 

Secret Bedrooms

CRC’s, AKA crew rest compartments, are a little-known secret about long-range aircraft that many people don’t know exist. These cabins are exactly what they sound like – a room where crew members can take turns to rest during long flights.

We suppose it’s probably better that this isn’t a very well-known fact about planes, or everyone would try their luck at getting inside. As you can see, these rooms have beds, and beds are far more comfortable than an airplane seat in between two other people.

Drinking Problems

We all love an airline that serves up some of our favorite beverages. Have you ever been on an airline that offers free wine with your dinner? If you have to choose between Diet Coke or a glass of wine, these air hostesses ask that you choose the latter.

If you really want to give your airline attendant a bad day, ask them for Diet Coke. For some reason, Diet Coke seems to fizz a lot more than any other carbonated drink, and in the air, it’s almost impossible to stop it from fizzing all over the place. 


Much like any other job, people in similar positions often tend to butt heads, and flight attendants are not above that ground-level drama. More often than not, if they have met there is a good chance that they don’t like working together.

Of course, we passengers are not likely to see the tension between the two. An essential part of a flight attendant’s job is putting on a smile and acting pleasant. It would be hard to do that if you’re scowling at your co-worker from across the plane. 

Don’t Be A Jerk

Take this as a warning, people; this flight attendant isn’t taking any of your jet-lagged grumpiness, much like being at a restaurant; good luck getting anything “on us” if you’re being rude or disrespectful. Instead, if you would like outstanding service – try being polite.

Having respect for service workers on your flight might get you a long way – and if you’re charming enough, you might even earn yourself some bonus perks. However, if you’re cheeky or unpleasant, the flight attendants know how to give you a taste of your own medicine.

Hygiene Secrets

Like subways or other modes of public transportation, airplanes are considerably unsanitary places to spend your time – so it’s recommended not to walk around barefoot. Planes aren’t cleaned thoroughly after every single flight or every single day, for that matter.

So if you’ve dropped your mint, fork, or any other item that you might want to pop into your mouth – we’d advise that you give that a second thought. Oh, and don’t take off your shoes – you don’t know what kind of germs you’re subjecting your feet to.

Dark Moments

This Redditor has two secrets to share about the flight world. The first one is loneliness. Sure, a flight attendant or member of an airline crew might sound appealing – traveling the world, being in the air day in and day out –  but the job can be pretty isolating. 

Touching on the hygiene thing again, this confession reveals a fact that we probably all suspected – they often don’t wash or replace the blankets and pillows – so next time you’re packing your carry-on luggage for a flight, you might want to pack your bedding.


Like motor vehicles, helicopters and trains – airplane parts don’t last forever and require regular maintenance. You’d think that with the risks involved with flight travel, the rules about damaged parts would be pretty strict – but apparently, that isn’t the case. 

A plane can have many broken parts and still be allowed to fly. It’s a terrifying thought to know that a giant metal box with seats inside it and wings on the outside is allowed to fly even though it is broken. Yet – somehow, planes are considered highly safe.

The Cost of Being a Flight Attendant

Some people think that the life of a flight attendant is fun and glamorous. They get to travel all over the world, wear fancy uniforms, and they always seem to be in a great mood! However – this is not the case. Flight attendants are often not treated very well. 

Air hostesses don’t get paid overtime for flight delays or cancellations, and they also don’t get paid by the boarding processor for their initial training. Only very few airlines pay their staff to attend the mandatory training, and it’s often only minimal pay at that.

Stressful Lives

Did you know that a flight attendant who’s sitting in a passenger seat on a flight isn’t a member of the crew sneaking in a few minutes of rest? They’re actually an attendant who is either traveling home from work or commuting to work.

It’s recommended not to bother them by asking them to help you with a glass of water or anything else that an active crew member can do for you. These attendants are usually quite exhausted from their shift or are saving their energy for the shift they’re about to start.