These People Wore the Worst Dresses in the World and There’s No Forgiving That

Everyone’s been caught wearing a few outfits they were not too proud of. It just happens – you wear something you think is very stylish, only for you to realize you looked like a total wardrobe catastrophe in hindsight, committing a horrible crime against fashion. Thankfully, when this happens in the real world, most people are kind enough to never mention it again. Not us though. Scroll through to witness some of the most appalling dresses ever posted on the web!

A Whole New Meaning to the Phrase: Zip It

On second thought, maybe should unzip it, and just totally swap out that dress for something that doesn’t make us want to wash our eyes. We’re not sure why the designer of this dress decided to add a huge zipper right through the middle of a body-colored cloth, but we do know that it was a bad idea that nobody should strive to take inspiration from unless we’re talking about negative inspiration.

And by negative inspiration, we of course mean: what not to do. This is a perfect example of how a dress definitely should not be made. No offense, we’re sure the artist had better works.

This Is Wrong On So Many Levels

You know, apart from that huge glaring flaw in the dress that we dare not name because it’s too vulgar for us to directly address it, this is actually a cool dress. We love the pink color and the 3D, cheap CGI look of that character on the front of the dress. The thing is, is that there’s only one thing wrong with the dress, but it’s absolutely loathsome and abominable.

Seriously, why on Earth did they even decide to put that on the dress. It’s clearly intentional. There’s no way that this was done by accident. So the question remains: why?

Going For That Extra-Terrestrial Man-Eating-Plant Look

Man, nature is wild. Unfortunately, so is this person’s fashion sense. We’re not sure what she was going for with this one, but we do know that it makes us feel kind of uncomfortable. We don’t know what that hairy, circular thing is, but it looks quite R-Rated. All we can say is that we hope she didn’t bust out this outfit for her family get-together. Her parents would have gone wild.

That thing on her back definitely as thought it was pulled straight out of a horror flick. It looks like a man-eating alien plant or something like that. It’s terrifying.

Normalize Dressing Like Birds

Okay, we’re going to be totally honest about this one – we weren’t sure about it at first, but then we saw this dress compared to that bird’s hat and now we are all for it. Seriously, we’re hooked. Big time. Why doesn’t everyone dress like this? Why shouldn’t we all dress as though we were cute little birdies? Surely that would make a few things right in this world of ours.

We can only speak for ourselves when we say that we love this, but we do hope that this picture inspires us all to be more bird-like in our outfits.

She May Have Taken the Camping Theme Too Far

So one of her friends was probably like: “Hey, we’re missing a sleeping bag for the camping trip.” and then she was like: “No problem. I’ve got you guys covered.” See, because she’s the sleeping bag. Get it? Okay, maybe that’s just a bit too mean, but we can’t lie: this outfit definitely feels more like a piece of camping gear than a dress. Sorry to whoever designed it, but a rework may be due.

It might seem mean to dunk on people’s creations like this, but sometimes what people really need is a bit of constructive criticism, and we are more than happy to offer just that.

Nice Dress, But You’re Still Undressed

So, while this dress isn’t as unfashionable or fashionably offensive as the previous dresses we’ve covered throughout this article, we do have a different problem with it: It’s just not that much of a dress. Like, there’s not a lot of dressing going on with this dress, is there? To put it another way: This dress definitely is not leaving a lot to the imagination if you know what we mean.

Not to say that this isn’t pretty; we’d be lying if we were to say she wasn’t rocking that look. And yet, the question remains: won’t she get a bit cold wearing just that?

Are Those… Ravioli?

Umm.. what? We are definitely going to need a rundown on what on Earth those pants are supposed to be. Like, why would anybody in their right mind design a pair of pants like that? We’re not even sure if those squares on her behind are pieces of embroidered tapestry, skin-colored patches, or literally just holes in the pants revealing the model’s framed backside. Seriously, what is going on here?

We have seen quite a few pieces of legwear in our time, but we have never seen something quite like this. We’ve never seen something as ludicrous as these pants.

New Spring Outfit: The Pillowcase Look

Going to bed early, ‘mam? Well, you sure look it. That dress definitely seems like something we would cover our beloved bed pillows with. Scratch that, that dress seems like the actual pillows themselves, with the cover and all. We’re not sure why the designers behind this piece of experimental sleepyhead fashion designed this pillow dress, but they should probably contemplate the differences between bed sheets and dresses. Maybe that’ll do them some good.

We can’t, however, just roast this dress without saying one good thing about it. Despite the pillowcase design, we do have to admit that this shade of glossy green is underused and underrated.

This Shouldn’t Even Be Called A “Dress”

Look, we’re pretty liberal when it comes to our fashion sense. We won’t mind it that much if somebody were to call a pair of loafers “lace-up shoes” or if somebody called a sweatshirt a sweater or something like that, but it’ll be hard to convince us that whatever this is, is a dress. That just isn’t a dress. A dress has to, well, dress the person that is wearing it.

And we definitely cannot say that the woman in this photograph is fully dressed. Okay, maybe she is, and our concept of being well-dressed needs to be adjusted, but this is pushing the envelope.

The Jeans Dress – The Jress.

We never thought we’d live to see the day when the jeans dress (otherwise known as the “Jress”) would reign supreme. Thankfully, that day hasn’t come yet. But this picture of an incredibly fashionable model posing perfectly in a jeans dress makes us wary. Like, this could definitely pass as a Vogue model or something. We just hope this won’t start a new wave of Jeans-dresses that’ll override whatever’s going on today in fashion.

Not to say that the model’s doing anything wrong – she’s just doing what she was paid to do. The problem lies with trendsetters of our generation. To them, we say: Please don’t usher us into the age of the Jress.

The Tactical Espionage Camo Look

Other than the two suction cups with strange valves coming right out of them where the model’s bra should be, this dress would definitely fit in a piece of desert camo reserved for super, top-secret agents and James-Bond-like spies. But those suction cups are quite the discrepancy, especially when you’re trying to camouflage yourself. Didn’t this lady learn anything in camouflaging 101? You’ve got to blend in with your environment.

Also, we haven’t touched on what’s going on with her feet. Are those shackles? Is that a bunch of scrambled tinfoil? Why does this lady have tinfoil furled across her feet?

Yeah, We Should Be Covering Our Eyes Too

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so when the beholder starts closing his eyes you better believe that whatever’s lying there before him isn’t very pretty. We’re not sure what kind of unfashionable demon possessed this lady and made her wear this dress, but we can definitely see her resisting the only way she knows how – by not having to look at the very dress she’s wearing.

Okay, we’re joking. The dress really isn’t that bad compared to some of the others on this list, but still, we wouldn’t be caught in public wearing that. We’d close our eyes, too.