These Siamese twins got separated and here is how they look after!

Italian doctors succeeded in separating Siamese twins. A joint skull and the majority of the vessels were present in the females, making this procedure unique worldwide.

The unusual procedure was done back in June, but it wasn’t announced until it was discovered that little Ervina and Prefina are making a good recovery.

The girl’s mother claims that they were fortunate to have two births. Almost shortly after birth, they found themselves in an Italian hospital where doctors offered their free services to operate on Central African Republic newborns.

Even among Siamese twins, the babies stood out because the sisters shared important brain vessels among themselves as they grew along with their heads and necks—but not in front, but rather behind.

The infant underwent two surgical procedures prior to the major procedure last year for the first time, entering the operating room for the first time. Then, the medical professionals altered the blood flow to each twin’s brain such that there was an adequate blood outflow.

With the aid of cutting-edge technology, they carefully planned everything before the intervention and developed 3D models of the girls’ skulls and brains. The operation involved thirty doctors and nurses. The doctor reports the twins’ separation as lasting 18 hours.

Ervina and Prefina are already feeling good and recovering after the procedure. In their mother’s arms, as they spent their second birthday in the hospital, they were already apart from one another.

The children’s mother now hopes that her children will be able to successfully complete their education to become doctors so that they may assist their children as well.