These Siamese twins were given only 3 days to live but look at them 22 years later!

Carmen and Lupita, originally from Mexico, now reside in the United States.

Born as Siamese twins fused at the abdomen, doctors initially gave them a bleak prognosis, predicting they would not survive beyond three days.

However, defying expectations, they reached the age of 22, steadfastly refusing attempts to separate them.

Despite facing early medical challenges, Carmen and Lupita celebrated their 22nd birthday in 2023, proving the medical experts wrong.

While modern medicine offers the possibility of separating their bodies, the twins opt to remain together, wary of potential consequences.

Their lives are not defined solely by limitations.

One of the sisters drives a car independently, while the other is romantically involved and has even been proposed to.

Both Carmen and Lupita aspire to become veterinarians and are preparing to pursue education in this field.

Clothing selection posed an initial challenge, but a kind neighbor, a tailor, now crafts custom outfits for them.

The twins share a profound psychic connection, often sensing each other’s emotions.

Carmen and Lupita have chosen to share their journey in hopes of aiding other Siamese twins.

Despite facing intrusive questions and offensive remarks, they remain resilient, emphasizing their humanity and asserting their right to privacy and respect.

While they encounter negativity on social media, Carmen and Lupita focus on the positive aspects of life, choosing to ignore hurtful comments and embracing the beauty in their unique bond.