They took a seat on a bench and looked at a bizarre small furry creature.

They sat on a bench and looked around when they saw a peculiar small creature, faintly coated in fur. The kids wanted to touch it because it appeared to be a small harmless insect.

Leslie Howe brought her baby, along with her other two kids, to Gwinnett County Park. The young mother and her kids made the decision to take advantage of the fine weather on this bright day.

Leslie, however, refrained from allowing her kids to touch the weird creature due to maternal instincts.

This was a wise choice because it took a while to understand the reality about this unusual creature and how dangerous it is. Unknowingly, Leslie protected her kids from a dangerous bite.

It turned out to be a “pus worm.” This species is unique because, in contrast to other caterpillars, it secretes venom and can inflict significant pain even when touched.

It is dangerous when this caterpillar bites a person since it causes extreme nausea and heavy sweating.

When walking outside, especially in parks or other areas with a lot of vegetation, exercise extreme caution. If you come across one of these caterpillars, keep your distance from it and don’t let kids touch it. The bite of this insect can have serious consequences, especially for young children.

According to press reports, young children from Florida to North Carolina are describing severe agony after getting into contact with the furry pus caterpillar, the most toxic caterpillar in the U.S. Some people have petted the insect, but others have been hurt when caterpillars dropped from trees onto them.

To get this warning to as many people as possible, kindly share it. It is preferable to be cautious than to jeopardize our children’s health.