Things Every ’70s Home Used to Have

Things Every '70s Home Used to Have

Remember the good ol’ days of the 1970s when life was a whirlwind of colors, funky furniture, and groovy vibes? Well, today, we’re strolling down memory lane to those far-out times and reminiscing about all the iconic trends that filled our homes back then. It’s like taking a trip in a time machine, right?

Do you recall the shag carpeting? Man, that stuff was plush! We had to use a special rake just to tidy it up, and sometimes we’d find long-lost treasures hidden deep within the shaggy jungle beneath our feet. And who could forget the massive wooden spoons and forks that graced our dining room walls, complementing the ever-popular avocado green paint?

The ’70s were all about bringing nature indoors; our homes were a testament to that. We had live plants like ferns and vines on multi-tiered plant stands and macramé owls hanging all over the place. Let’s not forget the ubiquitous beanbag chair – the perfect spot to lounge and daydream about the future.

In every living room, there was a wooden console stereo, which not only played our favorite tunes but also matched the hefty wooden TV sets. Speaking of TVs, we’d often use the top of these mammoth machines as a makeshift shelf for family photos or seasonal decorations.

Fireplaces were grand affairs back then, taking up entire walls and reaching for the ceiling. They made quite the statement and meshed perfectly with the wood paneling we couldn’t get enough of. And for that touch of shine, brass trinkets were everywhere – just waiting to be polished on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Now, are you ready to relive those days? Check out this video that takes you on a trip through the forgotten home trends of the 1970s. It’ll feel like stepping right back into your childhood home. Give it a watch, and don’t forget to share it with your friends because nostalgia is best enjoyed together!

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