‘Third Baby Wasn’t Baby for Long’: John Legend Shares Cute Photo of All 4 Kids in Matching Outfits

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen both took to Instagram to share posts of their four cute children. The comment section was full of questions about their family.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are revered among many as a power couple in Hollywood, with many individuals interested in their personal and family life.

The couple has generously given their fans peeks into their lives, with a recent post eliciting a flurry of questions.

John Legend took to Instagram to share a picture of all four of his children. All of them wore matching white outfits with blue stripes.

While sitting on the grass, both of the oldest children, Miles and Luna, cradled one of the two babies, Wren and Estie, in their arms.

Teigen also shared a short clip of the behind-the-scenes photoshoot. The doting mother wrote in the caption:

“Muted to protect your ears from John and I making extremely annoying animal noises.”

There was a lot of love in the comment sections from both the famous couples’ fans. One netizen commented on Legend’s post:

“Awe third baby wasn’t baby for long.”

One individual expressed that the family is a “blessing.” They also went on to ask who the other baby was, according to which someone replied and claimed that it was the celebrity couple’s new child, who they named Wren.

A ton of love flowed into Teigen’s comment section, with one individual expressing how much of a good big sister Luna is. There were still confused individuals asking about the fourth child, with one enquiring:

“When did number four happen? I’m behind! Mozel Tov!”

A responder claimed that Wren is a baby that the couple had via surrogacy. Another netizen expressed that the two children looked like their parents Legend and Teigen, holding them when they were younger.

The youngest daughter Estie was born in 2023 to a delighted mother who claimed she had always wanted four children.

Teigen wanted to try carrying a child once more, though, at the same time, the couple worked with a surrogate as well. Teigen fell pregnant with Esti through IVF, and as she reached the ‘safe zone’ of her pregnancy, the couple learned that the surrogate was pregnant with their “little boy” whom they named Wren.

Legend also spoke about their baby girl. He stated:

“Our kids are very excited to be big siblings. They love holding Esti.”

Their family happiness was evident in an Instagram post that Teigen shared. The picture showed Mom, Dad, and the two eldest children having the time of their lives at a resort.