This girl used to weigh 23 kilos but she gained weight and here is how she looks today…

Many women aspire to attain the beauty standards set by the cover girls featured in fashion publications. These women possess exquisite hair, flawless complexions, and radiant smiles. Everything required to achieve such a look is readily available, except for the attainment of a flawless physical form.

For these individuals, shedding excess weight becomes the primary focus, often leading them to resort to drastic measures. They opt for a restricted diet, typically reducing their food intake to the point where they subsist on mere sips of water, leaving them utterly drained and fatigued, unable to even stand upright.

Xenia’s journey mirrors this transformative pursuit of the “ideal,” where she too strayed from conventional norms. A former model, Xenia embarked on her weight loss journey a decade ago, leading to a shocking transformation that left her resembling a mere skeleton. Standing at a height of 158 cm, her weight had plummeted to a mere 23 kg.

Xenia’s emaciated frame resulted in an unsettling and uncomfortable gait, signaling a dire need for medical intervention. Initially weighing 48 kg, she had resorted to extreme measures in pursuit of the slender ideal embraced by the modeling industry. Even within the modeling world, her weight loss was considered excessive, prompting her to seek a healthier path to self-improvement.

She embarked on a journey of gradual weight restoration by moderating her food intake and transitioning to a more balanced diet. This natural approach to regaining weight was driven by Xenia’s determination, which ultimately led to an unfortunate incident where she fainted due to excitement.

In response, she temporarily paused her dietary adjustments to seek medical attention, eventually making a full recovery under the care of doctors.

Over the course of a decade, Xenia succeeded in both regaining the weight she had lost and enhancing her overall appearance. Today, she dedicates her efforts to working at a salon where she assists other women in feeling their absolute best, helping them embrace their inner queens.

In essence, Xenia’s journey signifies her return to a more conventional and healthy lifestyle, casting aside the extreme measures that had initially led her astray.