This woman changed her appearance and now looks like a real princess…

Every girl fantasizes about one day becoming a princess. However, in order to keep your beauty at such a high level, you will need a lot of time in addition to quite a lot of money to spend on various types of care products.

Nevertheless, what about somebody like Marina? In order to provide her children with everything they require, she works nearly every day of the week.

And ignoring the need of taking time for oneself is a grave error. Marina neglected to check her reflection and was completely oblivious to her appearance.

And degenerated into little more than a beige blotch with unkempt hair and missing teeth.

It’s fortunate for Marina that she had people that looked out for her. They submitted the application, and the woman was extended an invitation to participate in a program that transforms unattractive young women into beautiful princesses.

It took a lot of effort from trained experts to bring back the radiant glow to the protagonist’s skin and to restore her stunning grin.

To put the finishing touches on her look, a professional make-up artist and fashion stylist were brought in.

And now, when Marina looks at herself in the mirror, what she sees is not a faceless old mouse aging before her eyes, but rather a radiantly beautiful young woman.