Tom Jones opens up about his marriage and love life after wife’s passing

Sir Tom Jones, also known as “The Bull from Wales”, is a singing legend with a successful career spanning six decades. With the ability to seamlessly transition between musical genres, he has been hailed as a “musical shape shifter”. Recognized for his contribution to music, Tom Jones was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2016.

But amidst his many achievements, he has also experienced great tragedy. Four years ago, Tom lost his beloved wife, Linda, after a short but fierce battle with lung cancer. Linda was not just his wife, but also his life partner of 59 years.

Her passing crushed him, leaving him unable to perform on stage. Emotionally, his voice closed up, making it difficult to sing certain songs. However, with time and the support of his musician friends, Tom found the strength to try singing again.

Selling their Los Angeles mansion and furniture, Tom fulfilled Linda’s wish to move back to the UK. Today, he lives in a flat in London, where he continues to mourn the loss of his wife.

Tom and Linda’s marriage was not without its challenges. Tom, known as a sex symbol, admitted to infidelity throughout their more than 50-year marriage. Despite the scandals, Linda chose to look the other way when he was on tour, opting for a “don’t ask” policy.

Linda lived a quiet life, rarely leaving their Bel Air villa. She also struggled with alcohol problems during their marriage. Eventually, she stopped accompanying Tom on tour and spent most of her time at home.

In 1987, Tom had a three-day affair with Katherine Berkery, resulting in the birth of their son, Jonathan Berkery. At first, Tom denied paternity and refused to acknowledge the child. However, a DNA test in 1989 confirmed that he was indeed the father.

Despite this revelation, Tom showed no interest in meeting or forming a relationship with Jonathan. Feeling abandoned by his father, Jonathan struggled with addiction and homelessness. He longed for a chance to have a normal father-son relationship but feared it might never happen.

Sir Tom Jones has lived a truly eventful life, filled with highs and lows. What are your memories of Tom Jones? Do you still listen to his music? Share your thoughts and experiences!