Travis Kelce Reportedly Spent More Than $8 Million on Romancing Taylor Swift

What does it cost to win the heart of one of the biggest stars on the planet? Millions, apparently, like upwards of $8 million. At least, that’s how much football player Travis Kelce reportedly spent on Taylor Swift.

According to The New York Post, dating Swift has proven to be very expensive for Kelce. He reportedly makes $14 million a year, and he spent more than half of his paycheck on expenses related to Swift. These expenses include things like gifts, but he didn’t drop the most money on things you can wrap and tie up with a bow. He also spent a huge chunk of those millions on travel expenses to visit Swift and a new home he bought.

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For example, after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, Kelce flew to Singapore to hang out with Swift and watch her concert. According to an expert who spoke to the Post, that trip alone probably cost Kelce more than $500,000. This is one of three extravagant trips he has taken to be with Swift since their relationship became public knowledge in September.

According to Valerie Greenberg, a pop culture and lifestyle expert, “Travis Kelce always comes to play — not just on the field, but in his everyday romance with Taylor Swift — sparing no expense.” Greenberg added, “He isn’t afraid to open his heart and his wallet.”

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While Kelce has a net worth of more than $50 million, he’s currently dating a billionaire, so the cost of living has definitely gone up for him. For example, Kelce seemed to feel that it was necessary to upgrade where he lives. He used to live in a 7-bedroom home that he bought for just under $1 million in 2019. In October, he moved into a home in a more secluded neighborhood, but privacy costs extra. He now lives in a 17,000 square foot mansion that he bought for $6 million.

The Post also estimates that Kelce spent well over $1 million on private planes to travel to visit Swift. For example, one trip to Argentina probably cost him around $300,000. Another trip to Sydney, Australia, probably cost him over $300,000. Then there’s the trip to Singapore that cost him over $500,000.

Between a new home and travel expenses, Kelce spent well over $7 million, but then he splurged on extravagant gifts and dates for Swift. For example, he reportedly paid over $2000 for roses for Swift for Valentine’s Day. He also showered her with other expensive gifts like a $5000 Bottega Veneta bag and an Hermès Chevaux Dechaines scarf that costs over $1000. He also bought matching bracelets that cost him over $6000.

While this next expense wasn’t purely for Swift, Kelce also paid about $1 million to secure a private box for his friends and family at the Super Bowl.

Does it surprise you how much Kelce has spent on dating Swift? Do you think it’s fair to count a house as a dating expense?